Building Virtual World

  • This is a semester-long project course with five-person cross-discipline teams with 2 programers, 2 artist, and 1 sound that developed virtual and augmented reality experiences in two-week design sprints. 

  • I am the programmer and producer on the team that prototyped "worlds" quickly using peer feedback to iterate for various platforms (Unity, Oculus Quest 2, HTC Vive, Arduino)

The Mansion
Controller | 2 Players

5:00 Mins

This game is a two player competitive game. One of the guests play it as an action game with the protagonist who is a little girl, while another guest plays as the antagonist who is a ghost leader and controls the ghosts, and he may use strategies during the play.


Quest 2 | 1 Player

5:00 Mins

Player is a kid who was not satisfied with the blank museum. Player grabs the color sprays and music box to the museum and started to “create” he or her own art.

Vive Trackers | 2 Players

5:00 Mins

This is a two player cooporate game. Each of the players stands on each side of a stick that connected to two vive trackers. Two players doing squad to press tofu while dodge to avoid obstacles.

Zap It!
Quest 2 | 1 Player

3:00 Mins

Player uses a thunder-powered racket to protect the main character from mosquitoes.