The Invisible One is a game with the design and implementation of a large, complex software system 
Game Logic
This is a maze-solving game with a twist. The players will play different roles: Alice, Bob, Carol, and Dave. The goal of the game is to help Alice reach her destination within a time limit. While Bob, Carol, and Dave can move around easily in the maze, Alice is visually impaired severely so that she has a very limited range of view in the maze, and her “level of insecurity” increases when she hits obstacles or when she is far away from the other players. Once the “level of insecurity” reaches a limit, everyone loses immediately. In addition, Alice is invisible to other players unless the others have reached a certain “level of awareness” by clearing obstacles in the maze. Alice will use her skill to detect and avoid obstacles, while others need to clear these obstacles and create a safe path for Alice to reach her goal.

  • What are the goals of the game, how do players win, how do they lose?
    • Goal: Alice needs to reach the destination while staying close to the other players and away from obstacles. Other players need to clear obstacles and help Alice reach her destination.
    • Win if Alice reach the destination within the time limit.
    • Lose if either of these is true
      • Destination not reached within the time limit.
      • Alice’s level of insecurity reaches a limit and Alice falls into despair.
        • Level of insecurity increases if
          • Alice hits obstacles or is too far away from other players.